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Crossfit Interviews

01 December 2017

In this feature we have interviewed two top crossfitters; Kendall Morris and Martin Pedreira, on their take on recovery tactics, diets, and workout routines that work and those that don’t always prove as effective.

K: @bigmommamorris

M: @lamaquinadeargentina

What are your thoughts on Crossfitters?

K: Crossfit is unique because elite performance training is being done side by side with the average Joe, so the lower level athletes are constantly being inspired and motivated, looking for shortcuts and quick/easy recovery cures.

What is your recovery routine?

K: I'm boring. I just eat and nap. For a mom taking care of household chores and errands, there is no such thing as a do-nothing recovery day. I get tired of eating though, so I drink protein shakes and take creatine.

M: I take lactic acid buffers daily, and up my dosage during competition. You have to let them build up in your system. I take protein before a workout, and I usually try to schedule a full meal after a workout. I eat the same thing every week so I know how many grams of protein I take in. It’s easy to underestimate calories with a bite here and there. A spoon of cashew butter goes down so smoothly but could be a huge portion of your daily calories.

What don’t you do to recover?

K: At 32 years old, I am unwilling to experiment with my body. Unless there is strong science to back something up, I’m not doing it. There are too many Voodoo bands, Rogue balls, and shiny objects that most Crossfitters love, but they are really just psychological tools. Most Crossfitters don’t demand the proof, but I do. The “recovery workout” is useless and just causes more trauma.

M: I try everything! I returned WHOOP™ after 10 days because it didn't tell me anything I didn’t already know. Sleep! But my coaching schedule doesn’t always permit for more sleep, even though early morning is not an optimal time to workout. I’m not really into foam rolling as a long term solution, especially for tightness that should be addressed other ways.

What are your thoughts on increased circulation to decrease DOMS?

K: Lactic acid is reabsorbed into the body and used as fuel, so flushing it would not necessarily affect DOMS. Muscles are sore because of micro-tears from a hard workout, and people have to do a better job of understanding their max recoverable volume, and slowly build up their tolerance. Coaches need to be flexible with their programming to substitute exercises that cause pain.

M: We have a Marc Pro™ here in the gym that we used to sign out for athletes, but I have my own Compex™.