Elite Sport Recovery

Firefly Recovery Exhibits at the Outdoor Revolution Expo RDS

28 March 2018

Firefly Ireland were delighted to showcase the Firefly Recovery device at the Outdoor Revolution Expo in the RDS last weekend.

This was the first year of the two day event featuring various keynote speakers and discussion panels based around nutrition and exercise. Attendees could also visit various areas which included food, interactive activities, a running track, a climbing wall and not to mention the cooking demos, workshops and even Pilate and Spin classes. It is the only show dedicated to the many thousands of people in Ireland interested in getting healthy, fit and active through outdoor activities.

We were eager to meet the sports enthusiasts and introduce them to the Firefly Device and demonstrate the ways in which it can be used by athletes to aid their sports and injury recovery. A big thanks to Brian Fenton who visited our stand on Saturday. Brian is currently using the Firefly device as part of his recovery plan for 2018. 

The Firefly is a disposable device, battery life is approx. 30hrs and is the size of a wrist-watch. It is applied to the fibula head (at the knee) and by stimulating the common peroneal nerve, the firefly device activates the muscle pumps of the lower leg to increase blood circulation for the removal of metabolic waste immediately after high exertion exercise.

It is ideally suited to all sports people, helping them to recovery and avoid DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) post exercise

It helps with -

•  Reduction of muscle soreness following high intensity exercise

•  Reduction of swelling after injury

•  Recovery from sprains and strains

•  Prevention of swelling during long haul travel

• Delivers painless activation of the muscle pumps in the lower leg to increase: Venous, Arterial & Microcirculatory blood flow which is similar to that achieved by walking, up to 60%